Invoicing and collecting payments

Ever had problems keeping track of incoming payments and when to remind clients ?
Is it a challenge to create a professional looking invoice ?

Uhasibu does all this and more:
  • Generates for you a professional looking invoice, with your company logo, your address and client's address, invoice due date, invoice lines and a digital signature of the person sending out the invoice. This save you the cost of designing an invoice or purchasing invoice books as the invoice has an option to be directly emailed to your client or printing it to send it via post.
  • Offers you a customer payment mode where you can immediately record all payments coming into the company and have someone else verify these payments before they can be permanently committed to your book of accounts. This saves you the trouble of searching for customer payments or wrongly recorded payments as the implications for these can lead to the loss of business due to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Gives you an option to officially create your company's collection procedure as most companies already have this but just do not realize they do so. Uhasibu shows you how to have this on record and how to record invoices sent to clients. It also reminds you when the client has an overdue payment and guides you on what steps to take next.