Prepare your payroll in minutes!!

It's the end of the month, your employees are eagerly awaiting their payslips and are happy but you are not....why? Because of the amount of work awaiting you to prepare that payroll!!

Uhasibu thus introduces a new payroll module onto the existing Uhasibu platform to help you prepare you payroll in minutes, together with all the necessary reports.
We remove the misery in doing compliant Kenyan payrolls.

All you have to do is setup your company and within minutes, email compliant payslips to your employees AND get all automatically created documents that you need to avoid any trouble with KRA, NHIF and NSSF. Futhermore, no more long queues!!

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"The payroll will give the team better efficiency which is huge for team work. Thanks Uhasibu!"

Segeni Ng'ethe, mamamikes

"Amazing - this is going to save me so much time monthly."

Jamila Abass, m-Farm


With Uhasibu payroll, PAYE is automatically calculated for you in the required format and you get to choose whether to submit the report online directly on the KRA portal or print and manually deliver to the bank and to KRA.


Required excel report is automatically generated in the correct format, removing administration overhead completely and you can submit this as well directly to NHIF through Uhasibu or print and manually deliver to the NHIF offices


NSSF formated excel sheet is automatically generated for you, ready to bring to NSSF. Zero workload for preparing this report.

Easy to use workflow.

The accountant or anyone in charge can prepare all the details and then manager approves the payroll before it is finalized.

Automatic payslips.

Professionally formated payslips including company branding and detailed breakdown of the calculations are automatically sent to your employees
via their emails.

Strong integration.

Uhasibu payroll is integrated directly with the rest of your accounting system so that all payrolls go directly into your books and you do not have to go back balancing the books once again.